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Which are the elements to ensure a successful tasting experience in your espresso cup?
SAICAF knows them from the origin..

Cream presence is an essential premise for a successful espresso cup, since its colour, compactness, texture, and solidity represents everything well known as a good cup of coffee for us. The external aspect is unequivocally connected with perceived sensations of sweetness, chocolate taste and fragrance.

In order to get an excellent espresso blend, ROBUSTA strenghten the espresso cup with body and personality.

Every day, since more than 80 years, SAICAF works constantly in order to select and mix arabica and robusta blends, with the purpose to spread the timeless taste of the real ITALIAN ESPRESSO all over the world.

The success related to new markets in every corner of the earth, is due to the choice of the partnership, studying together the best strategies and all possible solutions in terms of product and innovation, in order to face the market everywhere. SAICAF mission is transforming the Italian espresso, maintaining tradition and pureness.
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